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The New Barlow Respiratory Hospital

For more than a century, Barlow Respiratory Hospital has been helping people breathe easier. Medically fragile patients come to us with critical health challenges through the many chapters of their lives. Some are recovering from heart attack or stroke, some experienced catastrophic accidents. Whatever our patients’ circumstances, each healthy, independent breath brings them closer to the life they once knew.

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Patient Room

By staying true to our mission of patient care, Barlow efficiently fills what would otherwise be a void of patient data for researchers in academic medical centers. The latest resources in respiratory care, exceptional comfort for patients and families, contributions to tomorrow’s innovations in care, all in an environment that makes breathing easier — still guides the Barlow mission. And it has earned us a reputation on which we must build as our mission becomes increasingly important.

Because our hospital is small, Barlow is in a unique position to be nimble and respond quickly to changes in the healthcare environment. Today we remain optimistic in the face of challenge and persistent and focused in our pursuit of extraordinary care. For the future, Barlow must be poised to continue to fulfill its mission, and we can only do that by investing in one asset that supports all others:  our environment.

Though Barlow inhabits a welcoming, historic facility, the hospital’s ability to function is constrained by outdated and inadequate spaces, and a deteriorating and seismically inadequate physical plant. Upgrading our 1927 building is impossible. While we strive to continue delivering extraordinary care that serves both patients and families, our ability to do so is increasingly limited by a lack of physical, functional space that can be put to flexible use.

To that end, we have one realistic option:  Rebuild Barlow Respiratory Hospital.

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Hospital Lobby

Rebuilding will enable us to comply with seismic mandates while creating a purpose-built facility that accommodates patients, creates spaces for families, and houses evolving equipment.

A rebuilt facility will create space and opportunity to make the most of new technologies and advances in medicine, and to continue our mission of providing specialty care for patients and their families. A new facility will preserve Barlow’s historic assets — a beautiful setting, strategic access to a wide referral network, and a commitment to personalized, team-based care. It will also add sorely needed resources — patient rooms with space to accommodate visitors comfortably, including for overnight stays; a welcoming lounge for families; a modern surgical suite and intensive care unit; spaces for equipment; and room to make the most of new technologies.

This ambitious campaign will include capital to preserve our ability to provide specialty care in a state-of-the-art facility plus endowment funds to uphold Barlow’s mission into the next century. Campaign funds will also strengthen and sustain our ability to provide essential programs and services, such as ventilator weaning, wound care, and care for those who are chronically, critically ill.

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Nurses Station

We invite you to join our compassionate, visionary supporters to aim high with us, so that Barlow may continue to help others breathe deep.

To make a gift towards the new hospital today, please use the GIVE NOW button at the top of the page, or visit our Ways To Give page for other options.