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Barlow's Ventilator Weaning Program gives hope to those who are dependent upon machines to take their next breath. Led by board-certified pulmonologists, the program has achieved outstanding results with patients unable to be liberated from the ventilator, or "weaned," at other hospitals. The only facility of its kind on the West Coast, Barlow is recognized for its weaning success rates. It is the national leader in the publication and presentation of outcomes research in the post-ICU setting of long-term acute care.

Patients come to Barlow for its Ventilator Weaning Program when they have already experienced a long stay in intensive care or prior weaning attempts have not been successful

Barlow was the first to develop and publish a protocol specifically for weaning patients from prolonged mechanical ventilation. Barlow's protocol, developed by Barlow pulmonologists and based on years of specialized practice, is still in use in hospitals around the country today.

Barlow combines the latest research, technology, and cutting-edge therapies with an individualized approach to delivery of care that encourages communication between patients, families and the entire team of health care specialists. Using a step-by-step method, implemented and monitored by dedicated respiratory care practitioners, patients move at their own pace through a careful process that supports the recovery of independent breathing.

For the ventilator-dependent patient, Barlow's interdisciplinary team of health care specialists, individualized approach to care, and its protocols offer the best possible chance for weaning success.