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Request for Proposals

Barlow Respiratory Hospital announces Request for Proposals (RFP) for Architectural & Engineering (A&E) work for study, design and implementation of structural and nonstructural upgrade of its 1927 (HACI# BLD -00732) and 1902 (HACI# BLD -00731) inpatient hospital buildings.

The proposal should include qualifications and experience of the A&E teams in pursuing structural and non-structural analysis of inpatient hospitals and developing plans to achieve upgrade of inpatient hospital buildings in HCAI Jurisdiction.

The proposal must include fees for studies, permits and construction phase and must be submitted to by 5:00 PM on 6/17/22. Selected firm(s) must be committed to start wok immediately after award of contract on or around 6/27/22.

Proposals will be evaluated on following criteria based on assigned percentage weighting:

  1. Experience with HCAI hospital buildings -20%
  2. Experience with study and upgrade design of wood frame and URM Hospital buildings - 25%
  3. Ability to commence work before 7/5/22 – 15 %
  4. Fee proposal – 40%