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Why Give?

For more than a century, Barlow Respiratory Hospital has been helping people breathe easier by providing high quality respiratory care to those who need it most. Medically fragile patients come to us with critical health challenges through the many chapters of their lives. Some are recovering from heart attack or stroke, some experienced catastrophic accidents. Whatever our patients’ circumstances, each healthy, independent breath brings them closer to the life they once knew.

Today, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in the United States. At Barlow, our work is essential and ever-evolving. Patient needs and treatments change. But what doesn’t change is our commitment to making the very most of every patient’s quality of life.

Nothing happens without hope.

That’s what Barlow creates — realistic hope for improvement, thanks to deep expertise, a long track record of success, and a team approach that ensures talented specialists consider every opportunity for every patient.

As the organization responsible for developing the most effective way to wean patients from dependence on ventilators, Barlow has enabled countless people from around the world to realize their best possible quality of life. Today, we are the destination for people who face a daunting constellation of health issues — from respiratory disease to compromised hearts. We bring the best care modern respiratory medicine can deliver to each patient and each family.

In order to continue this life changing work, Barlow Respiratory Hospital relies on the generous support of individuals and corporations who give to the Barlow Foundation.

Ways to Give

Giving to the Barlow Foundation provides community members and grateful patients with a unique opportunity to support our vision. For more than a century, generous individuals have assisted Barlow Respiratory Hospital’s mission of helping people breathe easier. Your contribution will help us to continue this legacy.

A donation of any size makes a difference in the lives of patients. The Barlow Foundation accepts gifts of cash, check, credit card, stocks/securities, property/real estate and gifts-in-kind.

Donating Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Fund Shares

Gifts of appreciated securities held more than one year generally qualify for a charitable deduction for the full market value of the gift, even if you bought the securities for significantly less than their current value. In addition, you pay no capital gains tax on the appreciated value. For example, if you make a gift of stock currently worth $25,000 that you purchased years ago for $10,000, the gift qualifies for a tax deduction of $25,000 if you itemize, and you pay no capital gains tax on the $15,000 of appreciation.

CONTACT US at Barlow Foundation to complete your donation of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares.

Thank you for your generous support of our Barlow Respiratory Hospital mission.

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Online Giving

To make a gift, please use the Give Now button below. Thank you!