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Long-term care hospitals (LTCHs) also known as long-term acute care (LTAC) hospitals serve patients with complex medical needs who require longer hospital stays and need highly specialized care.

Barlow Respiratory Hospital is the only not-for-profit LTCH in California and serves post-ICU critically ill and ventilator-dependent patients with expert interdisciplinary teams that include board certified pulmonologists and internists, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, licensed social workers, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, case managers and dietitians.

At Barlow Respiratory Hospital, we work together to provide each patient and their family individualized goals of care and a treatment and discharge plan to achieve the most complete recovery possible.


Chart showing the median days to wean dropping from 19 in 2013 to 10 in 2018Barlow Respiratory Hospital is recognized for consistent success of our Ventilator Weaning Program, weaning more than 50% of patients each year while decreasing the number of days to wean. Over half of patients who wean do so in less than two weeks using our TIPS© weaning protocol.

That means patients are able to breathe on their own again, and able to return home to loved ones, sooner.

Over 300 patients a year are discharged from our Ventilator Weaning Program.

Patients who are deemed medically stable after prolonged hospitalization in an intensive care unit (ICU) in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Southern California can be considered for ventilator weaning or additional critical care services at Barlow Respiratory Hospital. The hospital’s historic main campus is in Los Angeles and operates two satellite facilities, in Van Nuys and Whittier, California.

Barlow Respiratory Hospital was founded in 1902 and is an award-winning hospital with a legacy of excellence.

In 2016, with recertification in 2018, Barlow Respiratory Hospital was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval® for Disease Specific Certification for Respiratory Failure by The Joint Commission, the only one on the West Coast. Barlow is among fewer than two dozen hospitals nationwide that have achieved this elite certification. Barlow was also awarded the designation as the only West Coast Passy-Muir Center of Excellence, recognized for treating patients with tracheostomies, on and off the ventilator.

Patients are assessed daily for weaning readiness and ability, but weaning attempts cannot continue indefinitely. As an LTCH, the average patient stays with us for around 28 days, as we establish goals of care, treatment, and discharge plan. Barlow Case Managers work with patients and family members to establish discharge plan to the next level of care, whether that is home or to another facility.

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Dear Case Managers,
Thank you for all you do to serve patients and families. We know how complex the discharge planning process is, and how hard you work to provide patient families with information on choices for post ICU care and to help families in the care recovery journey. View FAQs and Download here.