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Ventilator Weaning Program

Barlow Respiratory Hospital is regarded as one of the top long-term care hospitals (LTCH) in the nation serving the chronically critically ill, and the destination of choice for weaning patients from prolonged mechanical ventilation. Patients are referred to Barlow from over 50 hospital intensive care units (ICUs) in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Southern California. Over 300 patients a year are discharged from our Ventilator Weaning Program.
Our weaning success rate has been over 50% each of the last 10 years, 2009-2018.

In 2016, with recertification in 2018, Barlow Respiratory Hospital was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval® for Disease Specific Certification for Respiratory Failure by The Joint Commission, the only one on the West Coast. Barlow is among fewer than two dozen hospitals nationwide that have achieved this elite certification. Barlow was also awarded the designation as the only West Coast Passy-Muir Center of Excellence, recognized for treating patients with tracheostomies, on and off the ventilator.

As an LTCH, also known as long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital, Barlow can provide the same types of care as you/your family member received in the acute care hospital. The average number of days a patient stays at Barlow is around 28 days, as we establish your goals of care, treatment, and discharge plan.

Barlow provides the opportunity for continued attempts to wean from the ventilator. Over half of the patients who come to Barlow for weaning are weaned in less than two weeks. We are well known for our TIPS© weaning protocol.

You will be assessed daily for weaning readiness and ability, but weaning attempts cannot continue indefinitely. It is our goal to be able to wean you from the ventilator, but you could also be discharged partially weaned such as only on the ventilator at night, or discharged still ventilator-dependent. Our Case Managers will work with you and your family to establish your discharge plan. You will be discharged to the next level of care, whether that is home or to another facility, when your physician decides you are ready.

Our Ventilator Weaning Program teams work together to take care of you and consist of: pulmonologists, nurses, case managers, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation professionals (physical, occupational, and speech therapists), clinical dietitians, social workers, and pharmacists. We were founded in 1902 and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for quality of life.

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Welcome to Barlow. Let us know when you have questions or comments about how we are caring for you. We want to make a positive difference in your life!