Ventilator Weaning

Barlow Respiratory Hospital is recognized for a ventilator weaning success rate of nearly 60%, the highest rate in Los Angeles and among the highest rates in the nation.

At Barlow Respiratory Hospital we have a legacy of specialized respiratory care.

  • We were the first in Southern California and are the longest continuously operating respiratory hospital in the United States.
  • Physicians at the finest hospitals in Los Angeles refer their patients to Barlow Respiratory Hospital for our expertise in ventilator weaning.
  • We care for more than twice the number of chronically critically ill ventilator patients than the national average.
  • We consistently wean nearly 60% of all patients who came to us dependent on a ventilator to breathe.

Barlow Respiratory Hospital Therapist-Implemented Patient-Specific “TIPS©” Weaning Protocol was developed by our interdisciplinary team of health care professionals led by our own board-certified pulmonologists. It is evidence-based and anchored in years of specialized respiratory care practice.

Barlow’s TIPS© protocol has been adopted as a standard of care in hospitals nationwide to help patients previously unable to be liberated or “weaned” from the ventilator. Patients are guided through an individualized step-by-step method, implemented and monitored by respiratory care practitioners, to recover independent breathing.

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