About Barlow

Why Choose Barlow

At Barlow Respiratory Hospital, we provide the highest quality respiratory care. Our expert team of Barlow Physicians, Nurses and Therapists draw upon more than a century of respiratory health expertise.

We are the only not-for-profit Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH) in California. We specialize in serving medically complex patients dependent on a ventilator to take their next breath. We were founded in 1902 and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for quality of life.

  • Our success rate in weaning patients from ventilators, nearly 60%, is the highest in Los Angeles and among the highest in the nation.
  • Our nationally recognized TIPS© Protocol is evidence-based and helps patients regain the ability to breathe on their own.
  • Everything we do is patient-based and team-oriented. Our Barlow team works with patients and families to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • We have a legacy of specialized respiratory care and are trusted for our expertise.
  • Doctors from hospitals throughout Southern California refer their most medically complex and fragile patients to Barlow Respiratory Hospital.
  • Our programs and expertise include:
    • Ventilator Weaning
    • Long Term Care Hospital (LTCH)
    • Care for the Medically Complex Patient
    • Respiratory Care
    • Wound Care
  • We are the only Passy-Muir Speaking Valve Center of Excellence in the Western United States.
  • We are accredited by the Joint Commission.
  • We are an award-winning provider of Respiratory Care.