Patient Stories
  • Ermelita and Sergio Domingo
    Ermelita and Sergio Domingo

    Tan, fit and smiling, former Barlow Respiratory Hospital patient Sergio Domingo has returned to an active lifestyle that includes three sets of tennis three days a week

  • Jack Wengert & His Trombone
    Jack Wengert & His Trombone

    Jack and Martha Wengert lived a charmed life. Jack played trombone before health setbacks brought him to Barlow Respiratory Hospital. Martha is grateful to have more years together.

  • Militsa Brennan
    Militsa Brennan

    Militsa Brennan suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was thrown from her horse. Now that she has recovered, she is back where she is needed at home with family and community.

  • Mike Martinez
    Mike Martinez

    Mike Martinez got a second chance at life when he was transferred to Barlow Respiratory Hospital

  • Gloria Zee
    Gloria Zee

    Gloria returned home from Barlow Respiratory Hospital in time to spend the holidays with family and enjoyed her granddaughter's performance in the Nutcracker Ballet.

  • Jenny & Kavin Dewitt
    Jenny & Kavin Dewitt

    Jenny DeWitt had the flu and was hospitalized for several weeks before being transferred to Barlow Respiratory Hospital. Kavin was worried and is grateful to have her home.

  • Home for Fathers’ Day
    Home for Fathers’ Day

    Gevork Tarakchyan is home now, walking on his own and in the warm embrace of family. His family is glad to have him home with grandchildren to celebrate Fathers’ Day.

  • Dean Fortunato
    Dean Fortunato

    Dean returned to Barlow Respiratory Hospital to thank our team and to share his progress towards full recovery.