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"We had a very good experience with Barlow. They did an excellent job, especially the Respiratory Therapy and Physical Therapy. That’s why he is doing so well. Barlow prepared him for rehab and we are very grateful to the staff." - G.

“You guys gave him his life back. Thank you Barlow! T.R.

"This place is amazing!!! I cannot say enough good things about this hospital or the people who work here. Erin, Case manager was awesome!" - Jennifer O.

"My brother in law was at Barlow for trach weaning following a sudden respiratory illness. He was previously healthy, got extremely ill, was on ECMO (heart-lung bypass) for two weeks and in ICU for aprox six weeks. Barlow had a lot to do but they were amazing. They made a plan, kept the family informed, and were successful in removing the trach. We are so grateful! Then we transferred to an inpatient physical rehab to continue the rest of his recovery. All of the staff is great. So knowledgable and friendly. Great program! Home safe now." - Diana W.

"my husband to receive the medical care he required. Having a loved one in the hospital is a very difficult and stressful experience, but it was peaceful to walk the hospital grounds, relax on the patio, feel the breeze and listen to the birds. We were blessed to be at Barlow.
I will never forget their kindness." -
Donna GM.

"The hospital has provided excelente care for my mom. The staff is wonderful!" - Richard Y.

"I had a very good experience at Barlow respiratory Hospital. They got me off the vent in three weeks. They also got me eating and sitting up. They were very thoughtful knowledgeable and hard-working." - DF

"Fabulous facility with incredible staff! They literally helped my Dad to get back to breathing on his own and walking again. Lovely experience." - Michael O.

"Thanks for all your patience and understanding. It is refreshing to have worked with such a nice, kind and understanding discharge planner. These are difficult and stressful times so you were a bright star in the darkness.” - N.

"Barlow Respiratory was a positive experience for my family. The staff was very caring, friendly, informative, and helpful. They took excellent care and helped him make a full recovery. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of specialized care." - Teresa B.