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Outcomes Book

At Barlow Respiratory Hospital, we focus on successful patient outcomes with a commitment clinical quality and outcomes across the full continuum of care.

Our annual Outcomes Book is published to illustrate our expertise and is built upon our legacy of excellence.

In 2017, Barlow Respiratory Hospital published our first Outcomes Book. The publication highlights our role in adult acute respiratory care, including a 94% patient satisfaction score as well as 43% reduction in time to wean from mechanical ventilation. As the only not-for-profit long-term acute care hospital in California, we are recognized for excellence in treating medically complex patients dependent on a ventilator to breathe.

We serve patients referred by nearly 100 regional hospital Intensive Care Units for specialized respiratory care. Our culture of continuous improvement works to achieve the most important outcomes for ventilator-dependent patients: the ability to breathe on their own and to have more time with loved ones. Click on the links below to read the most recent editions of our Outcomes Book.


Outcomes Book 2018

Outcomes Book 2017