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Letter From The CEO to Employees

Dear Barlow Team,

I thank all our clinical and support team members and our clinical leaders and physicians who have courageously showed up to work every day. These are trying times for everyone.

I wish we could rewind the clock and go back to a world before the pandemic or fast forward to a world with a vaccine for COVID-19. However, we have no choice but to live through this moment. And in this moment, we can celebrate something good.

Because of our precautions, we avoided any Barlow-acquired laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases. We will remain vigilant. With widespread occurrence and hundreds of community-acquired cases reported every day, no place is free from COVID-19. We know precautions and PPEs are effective and we continue to be committed to providing you the PPE needed to take care of all our patients.

As we serve in these troubling times, we are aware this crisis will have an impact. We also have an opportunity to reflect on who we are and why we are here.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of a world without COVID if we work in health care and especially in a respiratory hospital. We have now admitted COVID-19 patients treated in other acute care hospitals. We expect many more. We follow all guidelines provided by CDC and LA County Department of Health. In most cases our guidelines are more rigorous. Your safety is paramount to us and in all cases we will provide you proper PPE and training. We will also be here to provide as much emotional support as we can.

Barlow Respiratory Hospital has been here for more than one hundred years. Our legacy of care has carried us through tuberculosis, influenza, HIV and other upheavals. Remember that we have faced illness and we have faced fear and we have emerged with experience and expertise. Remember the trust our community places in us. Remember that this is what we signed up for.

I thank each of you for your continued service and your commitment to our mission to make a difference in the lives of critically ill patients.

Kind Regards,
Amit Mohan, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE
President & Chief Executive Officer
Barlow Respiratory Hospital