Barlow Respiratory Hospital Plays Critical Role in Post-COVID Recovery

Health care systems in southern California are facing an unprecedented surge of COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory failure. The Barlow patient population now includes ICU survivors of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in need of post-acute care for continued recovery from their infection. As a long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital, Barlow plays a vital role in our regions affected by COVID-19, providing prolonged acute and intensive care for the sickest and most complex patients needing weeks to recover after being transferred from acute care hospitals. With intensive care unit (ICU) beds and ventilators, and staffed with critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, and intensivists, Barlow specializes in caring for patients with respiratory failure, especially those who require prolonged mechanical ventilation.

As we face the challenge of treating patients with COVID-19 at Barlow Respiratory Hospital, we face many unknowns. Our colleagues in medical research are working to understand more about the transmission and progression of the illness. Our leadership team is working to ensure every aspect of our care serves our patients and protects our staff. Although information continues to evolve, we wanted to take a moment to share what we know, and what we have achieved in our work so far.

Barlow continues in its leadership role of outcomes reporting as we share our experience with the first 30 post-COVID pneumonia patients admitted for treatment, rehabilitation, and continued recovery.

Post-COVID Recovery: Characteristics of Chronically Critically Ill Patients
Admitted to a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

“Our Barlow Respiratory Hospital COVID-19 response team has provided exceptional leadership. With the added value of our UCLA team, we have been able to prepare and provide for patients. It is a meaningful partnership that ensures expert care.”

David R. Nelson, MD Medical Director, Barlow Respiratory Hospital
Assistant Clinical Professor, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA