Message from CEO

Thank You to our Teams

Dear Barlow Team,

Each year in May, we celebrate Nursing Week and Hospital Week.

This is a special time of year reserved for recognition of hospital workers everywhere. I wanted to take a moment to recognize the contributions each of our Barlow Respiratory Hospital nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and team members.

I want you each to know that your work matters and you are appreciated.

Your role at Barlow Respiratory Hospital is important to what we do. You care for our patients. You keep our hospital clean and safe and operational. You make it possible to achieve our mission to make a difference. Every day, I am honored to witness the strengths of our Barlow team. I see so many of you bring your best to the hospital and see the impact our teams have on the lives of our patients and their families. Whether you are at the bedside or serve in a support or administrative capacity, you are what makes Barlow matter.

I appreciate you and I thank you.

It has been a hard year. We have met challenges we never imagined. Now, we have reached a turning point. With widespread vaccine accessibility and high levels of mask compliance, Los Angeles County is almost there. We will soon be able to relax and emerge from COVID-19 restrictions. But not yet. For now, we remain committed to the safety protocols that have protected our team and our community. We continue to mask and maintain social distance, temperature checks and limitations on gatherings.

Please know that I am full of gratitude for the care you provide to our patients. We will continue to work together as one team, with one goal – best outcomes…and together, we will look forward to brighter days on the horizon.

Thank you for all you do and for being a part of Barlow Respiratory Hospital.
You matter and your work matters.

Amit Mohan, PhD, FACHE, FACMPE
President & Chief Executive Officer
Barlow Respiratory Hospital