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Sean's Story

  • Author: Sean
  • Date Submitted: May 6, 2020
  • Category: Written Stories

Sean came to Barlow on a ventilator with chest tubes, sedated and very sick. “The previous hospital told me not to get my hopes up,” says wife Elvia. “And now, he’s walking and talking. It’s a miracle!”

While he was hospitalized, Elvia saw other patients come and go, “It was frustrating to see other people getting better and going home. He was so sick that the other hospital did not think he was going to make it. And when he began to get better at Barlow, he had been so out of it for so long, he didn’t know what all the fuss was about. He was finally awake and he was walking and he said, ‘Hey, what’s the big deal?’ “

I was there every day until visitors could no longer come in. I saw that he was well taken care of.

He asked me to apologize to the ICU staff in particular because he was a little prickly. He just really wants to say thank you to everyone, especially his rehab team. (Thank you Physical Therapy Dept - Rachel Thomas, Annalee Nabua and Bong Unido. OT Dept –Marion Beduya, Anita Mascarinia, Princess Austero and ST- Rachel Dela Rosa). Sean is now continuing his recovery progress and hopes to return home soon.

“And me, I have nothing but praise for the staff. They were on top of everything. They put their hearts out for every patient. They were encouraging to me too.” Elvia paused as tears overtook her and then continued, “The love and care they gave to each of us, I can’t thank you enough. They are all angels, all amazing. Especially now. They put themselves in danger for us. Thank you so much.”